Introducing DeepCData

Detailed Material Performance Characterisation and Data Generation for Tidal Energy

CTL is excited to announce it has won funding under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Research, Development and Demonstration programme for the project DeepCData. The project consortium consists of CTL, University of Galway and ORPC, and has received just under €500k under the programme.

The project aims to generate comprehensive test data on novel composite materials for use in tidal turbine blades.

The information compiled throughout the work will lead to a number of developments in tidal energy. Higher loadings will be uncovered for blades, which will increase energy capture. A deeper insight into material performance towards its end-of-life will feed into an improved design life for turbines. A test campaign is planned to evaluate the use of more sustainable composite options in tidal technology.

Ultimately, an overall impact of the above benefits is a reduction in the cost of energy for European citizens.

The kick-off meeting was held in March, and the project expects to run for 24 months, until 2026.