We have extensive experience in composite testing. The following is a list of standards that we regularly test to at CTL.

We are always adding new tests and updating our list of standards. Contact us if you have any requirements outside of this scope.

Test FamilyTest TypesStandards
TensionTensile Strength & ModulusEN2561, EN2597, EN6035, ISO527, ASTM D3039, ASTM D638, SRM-4, AITM 1.0007
Open Hole TensionEN6035, AITM 1.0007, ASTM D5766, SRM-5
Filled Hole TensionEN6035, AITM 1.0007, ASTM D6742
Lap ShearAITM 1.0019, EN2243-1, ASTM D1002
In-Plane ShearAITM 1.0002, ASTM D3518, ISO14129, EN6031, SRM-7
Bolt Pull ThroughASTM D7332
Tension after ImpactASTM D3039
CompressionCompression StrengthEN2850, SRM-1, SRM-4, ASTM D695, ISO 14126, EN6036
Compression ModulusEN2850, SRM-1, SRM-4, ASTM D695, ISO 14126, EN6036
Combined Loading CompressionASTM D6641
Open Hole CompressionAITM 1.0008, EN6036, ASTM D6484, SRM-3
Filled Hole CompressionAITM 1.0008, EN6036, ASTM D6742
Double Notch CompressionASTM D3846
Compression After ImpactCompression After Impact - ImpactingASTM D7136, EN6038, SRM-2
Compression After Impact - MechanicalASTM D7137, EN6038, SRM-2
ShearInterlaminar ShearEN2563, EN2377, ASTM D2344, SRM-8, ISO 14130, ABT 1.0006, BATS 3464
V-Notch ShearASTM D5379, ASTM D7078
Interlaminar Tensile ShearASTM D6415
FlexureMonolithic FlexureEN2562, ASTM D790, ASTM D6272, ISO 14125, ABT 1.0005, ISO 178, BATS 3440
BearingBearing Double ShearAITM 1.0009, EN6037, ASTM D5961
Bearing Single ShearASTM D5961
Bearing By-PassASTM D7248
Sandwich CoreFlatwise TensionAITM 1.0025, EN2243-3, ASTM C297, EN6062, ABT 1.0007
Flatwise CompressionASTM C365
Edgewise CompressionASTM C364
Core ShearASTM C273
Sandwich FlexureASTM C393, ASTM D7249, AITM 1.0018, EN6061
PeelClimbing Drum PeelEN2243-3, ASTM D1781, ABT 1.0008, BATS 3480
Roller PeelASTM D3167
FractureInterlaminar Fracture Toughness - G1CEN6033
Interlaminar Fracture Toughness - G2CEN6034
FatigueFatigueISO 13003, ASTM D3479
Fibre Volume FractionFVFEN2564, ASTM D3171, BATS 4710 / 4711
Glass TransitionTG - DMAEN6032, BATS 4031
MicrosectionsMicrosection AnalysisAITM 4.0005
Specimen ConditioningHumidity ConditioningASTM D5229, EN 2489, EN 2823, EN 3615
ImmersionEN 2489
ConditioningEN 2743, SRM-11

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CTL strive to remain at the forefront of composites and materials testing.  We are continuously adding new tests and updating our list of standards. If you would like more information about CTL or if you have any bespoke requirements, please email us at