Research Projects


The main aim of the HAWK project is to determine the key challenges and barriers for AWE system developers in predicting the capital and operating costs of composite airframe structures by developing techno-economic analysis models supported by data for candidate materials. Based on the material test data, a detailed analysis of the main wing component for long-term performance will be conducted.

The key objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Materials assessment: evaluate the static, fatigue, and residual strength properties of a candidate material, providing data for techno-economic modelling and durability assessments.
  • Manufacturing cost assessment: assess the capital cost for a concept airframe manufacturing line and map the supply chain for airframe composite structures.
  • Durability assessment: fatigue analysis of the main wing component and assessment of the required inspection and maintenance intervals for safe working life.
  • Certification assessment: identification of the main requirements for certification and development of a technology certification roadmap for the composite airframe

This project has received funding from SEAI as part of of the National Energy Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme 2022