New DeepCData Brochure

A new two-page brochure has been designed for DeepCData, alongside a logo to represent the project.

The brochure, seen below, provides a concise, visually appealing overview of the objectives, main activities, expected results, and partners of the project. It is a key piece of collateral that will be actively distributed at trade shows, conferences and other events by consortium members. This is an important deliverable to help meet dissemination and communication objectives, by helping the team to maximise the project’s impact, ensuring stakeholders are aware of the important work they have underway.

Similarly, by attaching an eye-catching symbol and colour scheme to the project in the form of a logo, DeepCData will be more memorable, and communication will be consistent and uniform. It will grow DeepCData as a brand and ensure its presence is recognisable among relevant stakeholders.

The consortium appreciates the importance of stakeholder buy-in in order for research and development work to succeed, and communication and dissemination activities are at the core of this, therefore these two new items will be hugely beneficial.

To read the brochure, click below.