Cross-Border Collaboration


The need for fire and mechanical testing of advanced composite materials was in demand but unavailable to customers for years on the island of Ireland. Many aerospace companies around the world require both fire and mechanical testing of material in order to pass FAA regulations. Identifying this opportunity, Inter Trade Ireland approached CTL, based in Co. Galway, and Resonate Testing, in Co. Down, to create a cross-border collaboration to fill this gap in the market.


The Challenge 

The use of composite materials in aviation has been firmly established, with new products, increased coverage and application of composite materials widely accepted as the future for aircraft. Constant innovation and the attainment of knowledge is key to improving safety, reducing weight, optimising performance and reducing environmental impact on product and services used globally. Currently, fire testing of composite materials is under revision. The recognised industry standards applied globally have been unchanged for 40 years, however issues have arisen which can no longer be ignored. This project aimed to tackle these.  


Our Approach  

Step 1: Create a new collaborative fire and mechanical testing service for composites materials 

Step 2: To perform a trial run the service will be performed at both testing facilities 

Step 3: Execute market validation of the new service to current and new potential customers by both partners at trade shows and other events for the duration of the project. Feedback from customers will be captured and analysed.  

Step 4: To develop the sonic burner for equivalency to existing burner on composite materials 



In joining forces, CTL and Resonate Testing offer customers a more well-rounded service, providing updated fire and mechanical testing as well as environmental, shock and vibration testing to the scope of testing that we can offer to our customers.  

The  synergy created with another ISO17025 approved test facility has given us the opportunity to see how a different lab operates. We have taken some of these insights and been able to streamline processes and adapt to customer needs and add to our capabilities by offering live stream testing.  

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