Test Programmes

Key resources, knowledge and know-how have provided CTL with the capabilities and skills to carry out testing for all types of test programmes.

  • First Part Qualifications
  • Design Allowable Campaigns
  • Material Qualifications
  • Process Control
  • Research and Development

Test Types

CTL test to all recognised international standards – EN, ASTM, ISO and SRM. Testing to OEM specific specifications such as BATS and AITM is also available. Below is a snapshot of the tests we perform

  • Tension (OHT and FHT)
  • Compression (OHC and FHC)
  • CLC
  • In-Plane Shear
  • V-Notch Shear
  • ILSS
  • ILTS
  • TAI (including Impact and NDT)
  • CAI (including Impact and NDT)
  • Bearing
  • Flexure (Monolithic and Sandwich)
  • Flatwise Tension and Compression
  • Climbing Drum Peel
  • Lap Shear

Click here for a full list of test types and standards we test to.

Download a detailed brochure of CTL’s full testing capabilities and standards we test to.

Specimen Preparation

Sample preparation is vital for composites testing. CTL have extensive experience in all aspects of specimen preparation and machining including

  • Final End-Machining
  • End-Tabbing
  • Drilling and Assembly
  • Strain Gauging

Panel Manufacturing

CTL in conjunction with its parent company, ÉireComposites Teo, can offer a unique One-Stop-Shop service for production and testing of composite test laminates.

  • Autoclave and RTM processing of thermosets
  • Unique IP and skills in thermoplastics

For more information on ÉireComposites and its services click here.

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